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The Company

Mission Statement

This company improves the quality of people's lives, both professionally and personally, by dramatically increasing the career opportunities, lifestyle satisfaction, and financial success of our clients. We do that through the delivery of high quality, personalized career and job finding services.

American Career Executives® (ACE) is a team of employment and career experts who specialize in the Arizona job market. The company was founded in 1985 when Linda J. Baugh, President, decided to leave the Executive Search business to serve the person seeking a new job rather than a company. Since then, the company has assisted more than 6,000 people, including individuals and couples relocating to Arizona, in obtaining new positions with local employers. ACE has a 91% success rate and utilizes a personalized approach to help people get face to face with decision makers.

"High tech will never replace high touch in finding the right job."

— Linda J. Baugh

ACE is licensed to provide professional career services by the Industrial Commission of the State of Arizona. The Company is bonded and insured.

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