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Relocation Assistance

"Imagine stepping off the plane and knowing that you have appointments already scheduled!"

— Linda J. Baugh

"The program worked great. I was able to find a terrific job in Arizona before resigning from my job in Connecticut. The program saved me both time and money. In fact, it paid for itself because I didn’t miss one paycheck."

"It's hard to believe that just a short time ago I was sitting in your office mapping out my strategy and now we are moving into our new Arizona home. Your professional approach and strategies were key in finding the position and negotiating the perfect deal."

"...It must have been fated. From New York to Arizona in 3 months. You're the best!"

Arizona is one of the most popular relocation areas in the country. Why do you want to move to Arizona? The top reasons seem to be:

  • More opportunity
  • Better lifestyle
  • Climate
  • Affordable housing
  • To be near family or friends
  • Health reasons
  • To be with a spouse or significant other who has a job here

Whatever your personal reasons for wanting to move, American Career Executives® can help. How?

  • Assessment of your background, career objectives, relocation timeline, and other factors to determine your best options in this market.
  • Access to job market research.
  • Resumes, letters and communication tips.
  • Networking — contacts with the people who can hire you or help you reach the decision maker.
  • Meet with prospective employers during your scheduled job search trip.

Too many people incur the expense of coming to Arizona to job search, and spend the entire time just trying to drum up contacts. Prior to, and upon, your arrival in Phoenix you will receive:

Does this sound like a good plan to you? It has proven to produce results for our clients since 1985! When we work with you, our goal is the same as yours: For you to get interviews and job offers, to accept a position, and start your new life in Arizona!

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