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Do Research When Asking For a Raise
"A raise is based on merit and is earned through performance; it is not a cost of living increase."

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When men are the trailing spouses in relocations, uncertainties abound. What couple need to know before making the leap.

Want Work You Love?
Make sure your CAREER GOALS fit your VALUES!

Tackling a job search or contemplating a career change can be a stressful time for you! Then again, it also provides you with the ideal opportunity to revisit the many facets of your own evolving life one of which is your values. You can profit greatly by using your current job search time to reassess your values, and discover your personal answers to questions like ...

Finding A Job: Illusion Vs. Reality
In a job search, if you actually want to get somewhere, you will want to avoid the illusions surrounding how hiring is done.

Interviewing: When Being 'Good' Isn't Good Enough
Over the past twenty years I have had the pleasure of providing information, training and coaching that has resulted in hundreds of professional people obtaining job offers that they otherwise would not have received! What those lucky individuals all had in common was the desire to learn to be the best they could be in an interview to get the job offer.

Arizona Dreamin': Three Success Stories
Unemployment...congestion...crime...power outages...poor schools...long commutes...high taxes...over-regulation. These are just some of the reasons people cite for leaving such states as California, New York, Massachusetts and others.

New Years Resolution: To Find My Ideal Job
Three main themes are consistent in New Year's resolutions: We want to improve our bodies, our health; we want better personal relationships; and we want more satisfaction from our work.

A Holiday Wish : All I Want for Christmas is... a New Job!
A marketing executive, Robert Wilson, is in the middle of a career change focusing on sports marketing. He recently told me that he is considering suspending his job search activities over the holidays because "people are not really interested in meeting with you or hiring people during this time, anyway."

Relocation: A Tale From Two Cities
Two men arrived in Phoenix via Sky Harbor Airport for a one-week stay in Arizona. Each had a mission: to seek employment in order to relocate to Arizona...

College Graduates: What a Difference a Way Makes
George (not his real name) and his parents invested tens of thousands of dollars in his education. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Happy and hopeful after graduation, George combed the newspapers for job openings in his field...

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